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Flying with your life… Simona's motivational meetings are very strong emotionally and allow the audience to get into Simona's world realizing how we all can reach our own goals in life. The leading message in Simona's motivational speaking events is that anyone can achieve their highest potential and allowing limiting thoughts to surface is the only real obstacle. Based on her life experience and her great communication skills, Simona creates motivational speaking events that will guide the audience to look at life difficulties and adversities as a source of potential power to improve oneself. Even in daily challenges that one might encounter in the workplace, for example, great strength can be derived in order to improve one business skills and ultimately contributing to increased overall business success within the company. Seminars are of great impact and show how one's attitude and one's ability to problem solving can make a huge difference in achieving success. "Being able to solve problems depends on how you approach them!"Grandi Aziende e Organizzazioni, ma anche scuole di ogni ordine e grado hanno invitato ed invitano Simona per aitare i propri impiegati o studenti a migliorare l’atteggiamento verso loro stessi aiutandoli a cercare nella parte più positiva del loro atteggiamento, il modo per ...affrontare le difficoltà... Simona has been hired by large business, important organizations and educational institutions such as high schools, colleges and universities, in order to help their employees and students to improve their inner strength and self esteem and find positive ways to face their challenges. Simona is a charming young woman with a beautiful smile and a very strong message for everyone. Seeing Simona use her beautiful "golden feet" while dancing, painting and performing everyday activities would not make sense if there was not a beautiful smile to go with all that, because this is the way her experience and attitude becomes and example to all of those who meet her. After meeting Simona and experiencing her positive energy, everyone in the audience will be transformed and will be able share their experiences and realize that they too can achieve what they desire in life.


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“Why Not?”


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